What We Do

We start from Strategic Open Innovation and Technology Scouting and work for: Joint Product Development, New Market Entry, Technology licensing, Equity partnerships & Investments, Ecosystem & competition profiling etc. We are also able to draw on significant experience from our partner networks in US, Europe and Asia.

The industries where we have active presence
Information & Communication Technologies
Materials Science
Oil and Gas
Water and Waste Water

What we offer

To have regular premium sustainable Innovations we offer multi-sourced technologies and IP based Innovation in short time and ahead of game. These tech requires very little further customization to meet the end requirement. We guarantee a certainty towards right product development leading to tangible business growth.

But why only internal team for product development

Cost Arbitrage
  • We can reduce cost, time, and risks associated with developing a new Material or Product internally.
  • We even do the business development of product developed from new technology.
  • The technologies out licensed by us are safe from all aspects of IP and legal issues. The technology
    which we scout are from reputed sources.
  • Our initial costs are low and a majority of our income is performance based.
Skills Arbitrage
  • Provides an opportunity to parallel process number of projects simultaneously and with greater ease.
  • The internal R&D development happening may not be sure of IP grant & IP lawsuit which may happen even
    after technology development.
  • Gives Client access to huge inventor network and variety of skills in short time.
  • Enables faster adoption of newer technology and some ready-made technology platform to en-cash.

Our Simple Mantra

Constant and tangible business development can only happen by innovative product and technology development. Product innovation has created market leaders and the market respect can be gained by constant innovation.

Business Development

We identify the potential growth areas for the clients and make their presence happen in those domains. We create business partnerships that enable leverage for high return. We expand the market and the product mix by adding innovative technologies leading to rational growth. We help the companies to enter in unknown market through strategic marketing alliances. Real tangible gains like sales turnover in very short span.

We use our precious internal resources and informations which gives us an insight on future growth strategy and how to implement that to get the desired outcome.

We help our clients to identify the future growth engines and how to leverage upon current prevailing opportunity. We keep our clients a step ahead of competition by constant innovations…That is why our clients trust TheKVM business development model.

Product Development

Carving out unique products from the sourced technology platform. Bringing in CROs and companies with complementary skills towards joint product development. Specific technology scouting expertise of TheKVM aims towards bring in innovations fast from the lab to the real market. We believe in delivering three new innovations in one year rather than one innovation in three years!

We TheKVM bring experts from a variety of disciplines and interests to implement the full end to end product development cycle. Our inventor network is quite robust & they strive hard to develop only those technologies which can be implemented in real life to solve the various prevailing industrial problems.

Strategic Sourcing

TheKVM follows the continuous process to scout the best product and technology at the best possible value applying its systematic, rigorous and fact based collaborative approach. TheKVM understands the need of clients and try to deliver the exact requirement withing the stipulated time frame. We have an extensive network of technology inventors globally who are capable enough to give any desired outcome.

We have access to database of huge numbers of inventions in our domain of expertise. TheKVM also helps the client to out license the technology in case it’s a Research organization or IP rights owning company. It’s a complete process of technology scouting in and out.

What Makes Us Unique

We start from the point where big consultancy firms generally conclude assignments i.e. strategy reports. We partner for real growth, in form of new technologies, product and business pills.

Our current technology scope is wide and ranges from oil & gas innovations to AI & ML.

We are an experienced product and technology innovation consulting company. As guided by our influencers, we work for outcomes nothing less.