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An International Book authored by Ashish Kumar

Title: Pure Polyurea Coating System

ISBN: 978-3-659-44668-9

LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing) 2013-09-19

PurepolyureaTechnical book on pure polyurea coating system (A case of Quick Spray Industrial by VIP GMBH to rail road industry) got approved by Lap-Lambert's chief editor to publish it under their publication. It's one of the reputed Publishing house in Europe based out at Saarbrucken in Germany. The technical book consist of few analytical method like amine titration to find the content of total amine in polyurea resin -a key factor to differentiate between pure & hybrid polyurea.

Open Innovation Awards to Chris DeArmitt

Innocentive Challenge 5070222

Highly Crystalline Polyethylene Surface with Wettability Properties

Innocentive Challenge 5387183

Sodium-Free Chemical Leavening System

Innocentive Challenge 9376500

Inert Filler for Water Soluble or Dispersible Films

Innocentive Challenge 9542841

Fast Absorbing POP-UP Material

Patents of Chris DeArmitt

(This list is in addition to over 30 invention registrations at Electrolux)

Title: Dishwasher Provided with a Hot Warning Device for the Temperature of the Dishes

EP 1 582 136

Christopher Lynn DeArmitt, Fabio Spizzo

Title: Polymer films with improved scratch-resistance

DE 10 2005 027 547

Dr. Chris DeArmitt, Asimina Kavarnou, Dr. Graham Edmund McKee, Steffen Funkhauser

Title: Tough, filler-containing styrenic polymer based materials

DE 10 2005 046 818

Dr. Graham Edmund McKee, Hans-Jürgen Renner, Dr. Daniel Wagner, Dr. Chris DeArmitt

Title: Polymer blend, useful for the production of foil, molded body or fiber, comprises acrylate rubber modified vinyl aromatic copolymer, glycol modified PET, phase mediator and fibrous- or particulate fillers

DE 10 2006 011 074

Dr. Chris DeArmitt, Dr. Graham Edmund McKee, Robert Huber, Dr. Michael Breulmann

Title: Sound damping sheets based on styrenic SBS polymers

EP 1 770 114

Chris DeArmitt, Konrad Knoll, Robert Huber

Title: Method for Producing Polymer Compositions Containing Mineral Oil and a Filler

WO 2006/048168

Christof Mehler, Chris DeArmitt, Philippe Desbois, Norbert Niessner, Claudius Schwittay, Jürgen Koch, Hans-Dieter Schwabe

Title: Tenacious Moulded Masses Containing Fillers and Based on Styrol Polymers

WO 2006/053711

Graham Edmund McKee, Hans-Jürgen Renner, Daniel Wagner, Chris DeArmitt

Title: Method for Coagulating Aqueous Polymer Dispersions

WO 2007/113297

Chris De Armitt, Graham Edmund McKee, Konrad Mitulla

Title: Continuous Process for Performing a Chemical Reaction in which a Gaseous Phase is added to a Charge Stream Comprising one or more Solid Phases which have been Dissolved or Dispersed in Water

WO 2007/118788

Wolfgang Fischer, Rainer Bardon, Chris DeArmitt

Title: Continuous Process for Performing a Reaction

WO 2007/118796

Chris De Armitt

Title: UV-Stabilizers for Plastics

WO 2008/031719

Chris DeArmitt, Graham Edmund McKee, Moritz Ehrenstein, Norbert Mosbach

Title: Method for Producing Dyed Textiles Comprising Polypropylene Fibres

WO 2008/065133

Claudia Sierakowski, Chris DeArmitt, Hans-Helmut Görtz, Martin Weber, Philippe Desbois, Helmut Reichelt, Peter Poganiuch

Title: Moulded Article with Temperature Dependent Transparency

EP 1 985 663

Chris DeArmitt, Graham Edmund McKee

Publications of Chris DeArmitt (excluding conference papers)

The Surface Characterization of Polyacrylonitrile-based Carbon Fibres by Electrochemical Techniques

S. J. Porter, C. L. DeArmitt, R. Robinson, J. P. Kirby and D. C. Bott, High Perf. Polym., 1 (1), 85, (1989).

Synthesis of Novel Polyaniline Colloids Using Chemically Grafted Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)-Based Stabilizers

C. DeArmitt and S. P. Armes, J. Colloid Interf. Sci., 150 (1), 134, (1992).

Title:A novel N-substituted polyaniline derivative

C. DeArmitt, S. P. Armes, J. Winter, F. A. Uribe, S. Gottesfeld and C. Mombourquette, Polymer, 34 (1), 158, (1993).

Colloidal Dispersions of Surfactant-Stabilized Polypyrrole Particles

C. DeArmitt and S. P. Armes, Langmuir, 9, 652, (1993).

Surface Composition of Surfactant-stabilised Polypyrrole Colloids

S. Y. Luk, W. Lineton, M. Keane, C. DeArmitt and S. P. Armes, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans., 91 (5), 905, (1995).

A study of the kinetics of polymerization of aniline using proton NMR spectroscopy

M. T. Gill, S. E. Chapman, C. L. DeArmitt, F. L. Baines, C. M. Dadswell, J. G. Stamper, G. A. Lawless, N. C. Billingham,S. P. Armes, Synthetic Metals, 93, 227, (1998).

Improving synthetic hindered phenol antioxidants; Learning a lesson from vitamin E

K. D. Breese, J.-F. Lamèthe and C. DeArmitt, Polymer Degradation and Stability, 70, 89, (2000).

Filled polypropylene: a cost – performance comparison of common fillers

C. DeArmitt & K. Breese, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 3, 9, 28-33 (2001).

Synthesis and evaluation of hyperbranched phenolic antioxidants of three different generations

H. Bergenudd, P. Eriksson, C. DeArmitt, B. Stenberg, E. Malmström Jonsson, 76, 503-509, (2002).

Fillers & Surface Treatment

C. DeArmitt & R. Rothon, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 4, 5, 12-14 (2002).

Thermoplastic Composites (Chapter 8)

C. DeArmitt & M. Hancock, Particulate-Filled Polymer Composites, 2nd Edition, Editor Professor R. Rothon, RAPRA, UK, 2003.

Composites Using Nano-Fillers (Chapter 10)

C. DeArmitt & R. Rothon, Particulate-Filled Polymer Composites, 2nd Edition, Editor Professor R. Rothon, RAPRA, UK, 2003.

Raising the softening point of PVC

C. DeArmitt, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 6, 4, 32 (2004).

Styrene-based polymers offer diversity for processors

C. DeArmitt, Modern Plastics, World Encyclopedia, 2004. (Revised & reprinted in 2005).

Thermoplastic compounds: finding the balance between performance and cost

C. DeArmitt, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 7, 2, 26-29 (2005).

Fancy Fillers

C. DeArmitt & R. Rothon, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 7, 4, 28-31 (2005).

Understanding filler interactions improves impact resistance

C. DeArmitt Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 8, 4, 34-39 (2006).

New thermo-opaque thermoplastics offer novel visual effects

C. DeArmitt Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 9, 6, 30-31 (2007).

POSS User’s Guide

C. DeArmitt POSS User’s Guide 700 downloads per month since 2007.

POSS keeps high temperature plastics flowing

C. DeArmitt & P. Wheeler, Plastics Additives & Compounding (Elsevier), 10, 4, 36-39 (2008).

Polyhedral Oligomericsilsequioxanes: Additives for Unique Cosmetic Properties

C. DeArmitt Cosmetics & Toiletries (Allured Publishing), 123, 8, 51-56 (2008).

POSS Handbook

C. DeArmitt (properties and applications of polyhedral oligomericsilsesquioxanes).

Innovation in Industry

C. DeArmitt, SpecialChem Marketing and Innovation Newsletter #3, July 2009.

Filled with Success

C. DeArmitt, Compounding World, July / August 2010.

The Open Approach to Open Innovation

C. DeArmitt, European Plastics News, November 2010.

Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsequioxane (POSS) Enhanced Plastics (Chapter 23)

C. DeArmitt, Functional Fillers for Plastics, 2nd Edition, Editor Professor M. Xanthos, Wiley-VCH, 2010.

Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes in Plastics (Chapter 5)

C. DeArmitt, Applications of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes, Editor C. Hartman-Thompson, Springer Press, 2011.

Functional Fillers for Plastics (Chapter 26)

C. DeArmitt, Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook: Processing and Materials, Editor Myer Kutz, PDL, 2011.

Dispersants and Coupling Agents (Chapter 25)

C. DeArmitt, R. N. Rothon, Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook: Processing and Materials, Editor Myer Kutz, PDL, 2011.

Making the Most of Minerals

C. DeArmitt, Compounding World, February 2011.

Dragonite Handbook (the definitive guide to properties and applications of the nanotubular mineral Halloysite)

C. DeArmitt, 2012.


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