We are

Who We Are?

Why TheKVM?

Tangible Elements
  • Performance driven cost and success based fees
  • Fast and quick in real project implementation
Intangible Elements
  • Positive impact on the market for constant growth
  • Sustainable Innovation advantage

Why are we different?

Unlike other consultancy firm we just not only advise on growth strategy but also we bring in new technology and products which gives real rational growth!


Product Development
  • Scouting new potential technologies
  • Transforming the tech into real prototypes
Business Development
  • By adding new technologies into existing product mix
  • By global expansion through strategic alliances in the regions where presence was not earlier

We Are Your Innovation Growth Partner!

TheKVM is a technology consultancy firm specializing in the fields of: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Advanced Materials, Specialty Chemicals, Oil and gas, Energy, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


We are fully committed towards rational growth through sustainable innovations in virtually all the industries verticals we serve.

Knowing your current assets and where you would like to take your organization in future is an important step in advancement. At TheKVM, our assessment service is key to achieving your success. We make every effort to generate well‐coordinated and compelling proposals followed by implementations that not only address your needs, but also clearly articulate the serious challenges towards rational growth.

Our client base is quite diverse from various industries like AI and ML tech companies, Specialty coatings, Oil and Gas, Advance polymers, agriculture, paper chemicals, Electronics, Information and Communications, Water and Waste water treatment technologies.


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