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Oil & Gas

This industry is considered as back bone of any economy. Any technology which can increase the output of crude in upstream or downstream will be of interest to petroleum companies. At TheKVM we thrive hard to bring some potential technologies both for upstream and down stream which can substantially increase the production and save precious hydrocarbons.

  • Innovative nanomaterials based unique petrochemical catalysts to reduce the refining cost
  • Innovative catalysts for better fuel efficiency
  • Nanomaterials based additives for Engine oil to increase the life of engine & save fuel
  • Eco-friendly and clean fuel technologies
  • Efficient and eco-friendly technologies and catalysts for Water conservation, processing and recycling waste water
  • Innovative technologies for enhancing oil recovery even from dried wells
  • Better reservoir management technologies
  • Innovative tools for correct interpretation of geological seismic data hence more accurate drilling & exploration
  • Eco-friendly Fracking methods
  • Technologies for Reservoir surveillance and management
  • Geological imaging tools and software
  • Long lasting unique drilling bits
  • Real time downhole and reservoir monitoring tools like permanent deployable sensors, transmitters etc.
  • Subsea power generation and wireless communication tools and techniques
  • Technologies for transporting heavy crude oil
  • Software based technologies for Integrating models, reservoir modeling, surface processing, field optimization, well testing, optimization of shale reservoir, etc. as cost effective solution
  • Precise targeting and cost saving shale oil and gas deposit exploration
  • Solution for economical transportation of oil in pipelines
  • Pipe pickling and pipe maintenance technologies

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